Dustin and Joel started Trailer 31
when they became roommates.

Dustin moved to Bend OR from Montana and found a charming double wide trailer, which for that winter season was the central location of many trailer parties and taco nights. The trailer had a reputation (it's mellowed out in recent years) as a great place to party with great people, lovers of the outdoors and most certainly, lovers of all music. Dustin and Joel just meshed really well together musically, accompanying and adding, to each others sound.

Trailer 31's first show was at 'The Lot' in 2014 as a duo.
Joel met Jason through building guitars at Two Old Hippies. He was a great musician that also played stand up bass. When Jason, Dustin and Joel first jammed out together, now over 6 months ago, it once again just meshed super easily. Which in the musical world is something to not take for granted :)  The trio started harmonizing three part harmonies during their first practice!

Music and bands are rarely a linear process. In the spring of 2016, Jason, their bass player, left the band to pursue other avenues of musical expression. Trailer 31 became a duo again while utlilizing the rich musical talent in Bend for their bass player as guest musicians.

Their future plans are to keep pursuing music for the enjoyment of it, keep writing from the heart, meet and keep performing for Central Oregon crowds :) They collaborate each time they practice, finding new fresh spins to make a song better (or at least they think it's better). Joel and Dustin are the writers behind the music, forming the songs either individually or as a collaboration of the two.

They are currently recording with Parkway Sounds, and put out their first 10 track album of all originals!
Another 10 songs are in the cue as of July 2016 and ready to be recorded. Stay Tuned!!